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How do I use the Power Triangles?

Pop the T-Bar between the two rubbers and insert into the holder on the machine. Make sure the triangles are placed in the holder horizontally NOT vertically as this will severely affect the performance of the machine. The triangle system is based around different grades of rubber density, ranging from soft to hard! Black, Blue and Red are the hardest. Purple, Green and Yellow are the softest.
Which combo of Power Triangles do you recommend?
The triangle set up is down to what suits you and your style of work! The most popular combinations are black on black, blue over red, purple over green, blue over yellow. 
A hard rubber at the top will drive the needle down harder and faster than a softer rubber. A softer rubber on the bottom triangle will return slightly slower.
Will the Apple Pencil fit my Cintiq pen?
Unfortunately not - the Cintiq pen is flared at the end and our grip wont slide over. 
What connection do your machines use?
Our machines come as RCA connection as standard, we can fit Phono if that is your preferred connection. Email us after placing your order. We do not include RCA cables in with the machine. 
How long will shipping take?
It depends where in the world you are located! If you are in the UK usually a 3/5 days. Anywhere outside of the UK is around 10/14 days.  
How long will my repair take?
Repairs can take anywhere from 10/14 days depending on the volume of orders and repairs we have in house. 
Where do I find my serial number?
The serial number is located under the vice cap on all Vertex Plus (V3) and V2 models.
Where do I send my machine to be repaired?
Directly to our machine shop located in the North East of England. Email us here and we can get your machine repaired!
How long is my machine in warranty?
12 months.
How do I loose my warranty?
Warranty is voided if you open up the machine, tamper with the motor or attempt to replace parts on your own. Accidental damage/negligence/misuse is not covered.
My machine is out of warranty, how much will it cost to repair?
If its a simple shell change our standard charge is £15/20 depending on the model. If its a motor issue we can send you a quote for the repair via email.
What do I need to include when I send my machine in?
Your name, address and a brief description of the problems you are experiencing. Be sure to pack the machine safely and securely. 
Please be aware that we have the right to refuse to repair machines if they are not up to our hygiene standards as we will not risk contaminating our tools and workshop. 
Customs charges? 
We do not cover customs charges. If sending in for a repair from overseas, make sure to mark the package as a repair.
I emailed on Sunday and nobody has responded to me yet?!
Emails are answered from Tuesday to Friday. 
My question isn't listed HELP!?
Email, or send us a message on Facebook and we will get back to you.