We are proud to introduce the new Ego Polygon. The Polygon is the first in our Black Series range. In the black series we have applied everything we have learned over the years, as well as all the feedback from you the customer and we are confident it will become an extension of you on your artistic journey.

The Ego Polygon is a light, ergonomic and powerful machine. Driven by a relentless Faulhaber motor, it will deliver all day, every day. Don’t let the Polygon’s size fool you. Despite the Ego Polygon’s small size, it has a lot more bite than bark, with our quietest, smoothest running machine to date. We also wanted to give you the freedom to control the give in the Ego Polygon. So, we have supplied an interchangeable bar system from full give (yellow bar) to no give (aluminium bar).

The Polygon is also maintenance free, no grease, no fuss, leaving you to get on with your work with the confidence your machine won’t let you down. With its perfectly straight, true linier drive system, the Polygon has no sideway vibration. So, all the power from the motor is driven forward, where you need it.

The Ego Polygon is a dedicated cartridge machine. It can be used with all types of cartridge grips. You attach the Ego Hawkflow disposable grips and Cheyenne Hawk Grips directly to the machine. If you prefer cartridge grips with a backstem you can use the vice connector provided with your machine.

Every Polygon is quality tested and signed off by Bez personally.

Key Features/Specification

  • Dedicated Cartridge Machine
  • Faulhaber Brushless Motor
  • Full Aluminium Body and Vice
  • Weighing Only 65 Grams (55 Grams Without Vice)
  • RCA Connector
  • Zero Maintenance Slider
  • Smallest Ego Machine To-Date
  • Drive Bar Set Included (1 X Aluminium, 2 X Black, 2 X Red And 2 X Yellow)
  • Disposable Drive Bar Set (4 x Black, 4 x Red and 4 x Yellow)


Assembled in the UK, created and designed by Bez.