Polygon Manual



Our machines are designed and built for tattooists by tattooists. We will always strive to do something different and unique.
These instructions cover the features and accessories for the machine. If you
are not already familiar with the EGO system these instructions should clear things up for you.
Thank you for choosing our machines.

In The Box


Your Machine

The operating voltage of your Polygon is between 6 and 12 volts. Using your machine outside of the recommended voltage may result in permanent damage to your machine.

The Ego drive bar system is simple and easy to use. Just select the bar that suits your personal preference and screw to the fixed drive bar on your Polygon. To change the bar, unscrew the existing bar and replace it with your new bar.
NOTE – Remove the Vice Cap and collar to hold the fixed bar before changing your drive bar.
DO NOT remove the fixed drive bar on your machine.
Doing so WILL damage your machine.

Using Your Machine

If using a Straight Stem Grip E.g. Ego Geo Grip), loosen (not remove) the vice cap and insert your preferred grip over the drive bar and tighten the vice cap.

If using an Integrated Screw Cap Grip (e.g. Ego Hawk Disposable Cartridge Grip), remove the vice cap. Then insert the grip over the drive bar and tighten the screw cap. Then insert your needle cartridge and twist to lock in place.


If you are using an adjustable grip, then twist the grip until you have your needles at the preferred height. If you are using the

fixed grip, to make any adjustments loosen the vice cap/screw cap to adjust the needle height and tighten the cap/screw.

Be aware, if you extend your needles out of the cartridge too far it will cause strain on the motor and could reduce the lifespan of your machine.



When in use, be sure to wrap/bag your machine while tattooing to avoid any ink or contaminants getting into your machine and causing damage or risking cross contamination.


To clean your machine simply wipe the surface of the machine with alcohol wipes or with medical grade surface cleaner to ensure your machine is safe for your next client.


Do Not soak, submerge in water, ultrasonic or autoclave your machine. Doing

so, will Damage your machine and will void all warranties.